BRIE - Paperweight [Official Music Video]

BRIE - Paperweight

Having spent the past two decades of her life with series of notes and tunes ringing in her head, 20 year-old Tiffany Gabriella, otherwise referred to as BRIE by her earworm of a stage name, finally decide to emerge from the depths of the comfort zone of her bedroom through her new single, Paperweight.

This upbeat debut single of BRIE presents itself as an anthem for today's youth. Paperweight was born of collaborative song-writing between BRIE, Agustin Oendari, and ALMIRA. Produced by Ivan Gojaya, not only does it serve an array of fresh-cut urban sounds on a silver platter, it also passes on a not-so-clandestine message of self-empowerment towards independent individuals who choose to stray from the indoctrinated conservative methods the majority are accustomed to.

Find out more and let the song tells you the rest of her story:
BRIE - Paperweight

(2018) Big Hello Records.
Distributed by Warner Music Indonesia.