OPPO Access: Raisa Handmade Tour 2016 - last city Yogyakarta

Fifth city, the last city of OPPO Raisa Handmade Tour 2016: Yogya!

This city always amazed me. One of the reason why I choose this city as my last stop for this tour! See the excitement and experiencing the handmade journey with Raisa here.

- 7 October : Eldorado Dome, Bandung
- 19 October: The Square Ballroom, Surabaya
- 22 October: UMM Dome, Malang
- 26 October: Ruby 1 & 2 Convention Hall, Best Western Premiere, Solo
- 29 October: Grand Ballroom Indraprasta, Sahid Jaya Hotel, Yogyakarta

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Official Airlines:
Garuda Indonesia

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JUNI Concert

DOP: Aji Yudistira
Producer: Finka Ayuningtyas
Editor: Dinda Anandita
Cameraman: Wahono

2016, Juni Records

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