Ivan Gojaya & Agustin Oendari - Blue Sky Thinking (Lyric Video)

IVAN GOJAYA & AGUSTIN OENDARI are two driven musicians who set out to join forces to create something thoroughly special and incredibly visionary. For Ivan and Agustin, music is not just something to listen to; it is a comprehensive psychophysical experience, which involves the body, the mind, and the soul. Their music has a very imaginative component, which allows listeners to experience their sound in a very personal and authentic way.

THEIR RECENT SINGLE, “BLUE SKY THINKING”, is a perfect example of their remarkable artistry. The song has a very deep and meaningful concept, focusing on describing humanity and the full circle of life: it does not matter who we are; we all get born; live out our days; dan die eventually. However, there are different ways we can choose to live our life. According to the song, there are two types of people: those who are stuck in a cage and fall in lines, such as ants of a colony following one another in a circular loop; as well as those who defy cliches and traditional beliefs, living a life without boundaries, without limits. And, the ultimate question is: which one are we; which one are you.

THE SOUND OF THE SONG BLINKS AN EYE to the modern folk revival, echoing the work of the charismatic artists, such as Damien Rice or Bon Iver, just to mention but a few. The duo also managed to create stunning orchestral arrangements and choral vocal parts, which complement the sound blissfully.

“BLUE SKY THINKING” IS A POWERFUL, YET HUMBLING REFLECTION on such deep issues. The song will not only amaze listeners with its beautiful melodies and thought- provoking production aesthetics, but it will also allow them to reflect on some of the most interesting existential questions in life. Even the song’s artwork is worthy of a mention: hand-painted, with mixed media on canvas, this visually striking piece connects perfectly with the song’s meaning and style.

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and let the song tell you the rest of this wonderful story.

Thanks to:
Martin Laza Lazarus, for the lyric video;
Gihon Lohanda, Juan Mandagie, Lidya Evania, Celia Rosari, Stefani Leoni, Nandya Abror for the strings;
Dimas Pradipta, for the mastering;
Mas Adih, Abram Lembono, Lucky Kuswandi, Irene Edmar Irawan, Frisella Tobing, Christian Imanuel, Haruchika Setiadi, Ardin Karundeng, Panji Eka Putra, Hizkia Natanael, Echa Soemantri, Hajar Adit & Chairul Bari (#jongjonkeun!), Ronald Soe, Sunny Sun, you all have been our first listeners;
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all listeners, for listening.