Adikara Fardy | Sings Sinatra Series #5 - For Once In My Life (Cover) feat. Rega Dauna

This is the last song of the Adikara Sings Sinatra Series (5 songs) , and this time, i'm pairing up with Rega Dauna (@reda_dauna) Indonesian's beloved musician. When it comes to the harmonica, his talent flows seemingly effortlessly.

For Once In My Life was written and first recorded as a slow ballad. Since then, there many versions of it. The most familiar and successful version of "For Once in My Life" is an uptempo arrangement by Stevie Wonder, recorded in 1967.

I do hope all of you enjoy this last series of Adikara Sings Sinatra Series, and make sure you guys have listen to all of the songs in these series.

My special thanks to this project to :

Music Arrangement by Dua Empat
Horns Arrangement by @irsadestiwi
Project manager: @caronshaine
Recording engineer:
@drumboysinyo @christianedo @harucs @kevinrosendolie
Mixing and mastering engineer:

@alvinghazalie & @misiangellita (guitar)
@jos_alexander (contrabass)
@michaelsetiawan (piano)
@daverimba (drums)
@eggy_pratamatrp (trumpet)
@fluteranger (alto sax & flute)
@dedehalimp (trombone)
@bimoharyoprakoso (tenor sax & clarinet)

Video production by Indonesia Creative Media @indonesiacreativemedia